The Kahawai Collective

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The goals of the Kahawai Collective are:

  1. To ensure that analyses of fisheries data are transparent and reproducible, resulting in efficiency within the research community and wider community confidence in the information we produce.

  2. To foster a collaborative approach where the code for undertaking fisheries analyses is shared and co-developed rather than held privately by research providers, while ensuring that contributors are fairly rewarded for their efforts.

  3. To look after data assets that are relevant to our research, recognising that data are an asset with value, but that a community of trust is required for that value to be realised. We develop reusable data governance approaches that ensure that contributors to individual datasets are central to their governance.

  4. To ensure that the work of the collective is well regarded, in particular that membership of the collective is considered as positive by government regulators and assists in resolving topical issues in fisheries research provision.

  5. To foster a positive working environment for fisheries analysts.